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„The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.“


We support you with our competencies


» From the concept to the finished part

Occupational Safety

» What is certain is that nothing is certain: solutions for worker protection


» Sustainable management and conservation of resources are the order of the day


» Work hygiene, staff hygiene and building hygiene as an integral part of the management system

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We support you with our methods

Training – Coaching Moderation

» We support the qualification of your team

Project management & organisational development

» We ensure efficient projects and lean organizational structures

Management system design

» We implement normative and industry-specific requirements – functional and value-added consulting


» We will check your system for compliance and make a contribution to continuous improvement

Supplier management

» Definition of quality standards in the supply chain and compliance thereof are an indispensable part of added value for delivery competence and stability

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We are increasingly active in production for industry and commerce

Automotive leather industry and processin

» With more than 40 years of industry experience, EKonsulting GmbH is your powerful partner!


» We have extensive practical experience in the areas of meat and meat processing, milk and milk products, vegetables and vegetable processing.

Metal & metal processing

» From aluminum to steel cast, rolled, milled, stamped; hardness and ductility characterise this interesting material.

Synthetic parts for the automobile industry

» Plastic parts are an indispensable part of automotive interiors. We have experience in plastic injection moulding technology and coating plastics.

Glass manufacturing & processing

» Whether in the float for flat glass, toughened glass, or laminated glass – we always have everything in perspective.

Wood and the wood industry

» The natural material wood, versatile in the living area, has now found its way into fine automobiles.

Textile products for automobile interiors

» Seats, door panels, headrests – woven materials and Alcantara are not only found as design elements in vehicles.

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The way to optimal value…

We adopt an individual approach to each client to ensure that we have the correct understanding, applying an appropriate method, and forming a proper partnership. Typically we start the process with an analysis…

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We know what we talk about. We have proved that we do our job well, methodical and transparent – without ever leaving you unsupported. Our experience and competence accompany and support you from strategic development to conception…


…Proven path to success…

Confidence is our top priority. Our team of experienced experts can be proud of our solid performance. We have overcome a variety of interesting and novel challenges throughout Europe. Our customer Portfolio not only includes sccessful…


…with the help of partnerships…

No company can do without collaboration with others. Manufacturing or providing services cannot be done without collaboration…


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